Autonomous: Self-Governing Routing

Ever wondered how you can upgrade that Linux box acting as your network router with a flashy web interface and more features than you can shake a stick at? Well wonder no more. Enter Autonomous, the Self-Governing Routing system with support for IP Masquerading, OpenVPN, L2TP VPNs, IPv6, web caching, and more.

This project is currently in alpha.

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Home Automation Manager

Home theatre, lighting, security, this project aims to manage it all.

This project is currently in development and not ready for general consumption.

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IronRuby / .NET 4.0 Heap Sort Visualizer

Visualize the process of a heap sort with 18 random numbers. This was initially an assignment for my Programming Languages II class, but I decided it was nifty enough to share. Mainly because I found getting started with IronRuby a bit tricky due to poor documentation on the official website.

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Mcar Mobile Media Player

A work in progress – this is the software that runs on my car’s in-dash touchscreen computer. Eventually the plan is to include music playback, navigation, weather reports, gas mileage monitoring, etc.

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Our Cute Chess (rqtchess)

Our Cute Chess is an implementation of the classic Chess game using Ruby with the Qt bindings. Currently a work in progress, as not all functionality is complete.

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Rdiff-Backup Wrapper Script

This script is designed to simplify using rdiff-backup to keep your data safe by automatically excluding system files that shouldn’t be backed up, as well as preventing two backups from running concurrently.

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Web-based media management and playback system. Under heavy development.

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Web Scheduler

Web-based reminder tool so you never forget to take out the trash. More info soon!

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