About Me

My name is Aaron. A few years ago I completed two Bachelor of Science degrees at Oregon Institute of Technology – one in Computer Hardware Engineering and another in Computer Software Engineering. I am very interested in all aspects of computing and how electronics can enhance life. I spend a lot of free time tinkering with software and electronics projects. Everything from relational databases to FPGAs to microcontrollers cross my path on a regular basis.

I also dabble in photography, massively-distributed computing efforts and distributed filesystems. I have extensive experience with many scripting and compiled programming languages. PHP, Ruby, C, C++, and C#, just to name a few.

My blog’s purpose is to showcase some of the more interesting projects I’ve created or collaborated on. I believe strongly in open source, and I try to share the code for all the projects I’ve created, along with documentation to make it useful.

You can contact me with any questions or comments.

About This Site

This site aims to share my ambitions with the world. I want all my source code available for public review, scrutiny, and improvement. While most of my projects are small and fairly niche, I know how helpful it is when I’m trying something new to find someone’s code that does something similar – hopefully something I’ve done will offer the same assistance to others.

Technology Used

This site is powered by WordPress; a free, open-source PHP/MySQL content management system with emphasis on blogging. In addition to WordPress, several other contributors should be recognized:

And on the backend:

  • LigHTTPd: A fast, free web server that’s really quick.
  • MySQL: An open-source relational database engine that’s amazingly popular.
  • PHP: An open-source web scripting language that’s fast!
  • Gentoo Linux: My favorite Linux distribution, combining the best of configurability and ease of management.

I feel it’s important to recognize the effort I’ve borrowed to make this site a better place. It seems too many sites take the hard work of the WordPress team and plugin authors for granted. To all of you: I appreciate your work! Thank you!